Simplest definition of Mechatronics is the combination of mechanisms or mechanical motions with electronics. A mixture of mechanical engineering and electronics engineering to achieve more complex operations in robotics and automation.


Rough Terrain 3 Wheel Ebike
3 wheel Rough Terrain E Bike
Ebike is designed using a unique 3 wheel design where front 2 wheels are connected in a separate frame and bike handle body rest on the mechanism through a unique suspension.
Solar Seawater Desalinator
Solar seawater desalination
Solar operated seawater desalination machine using 6 layer filtration ro + UV and mineral addition to make seawater drinkable within minutes.
Unique Hubless Ebike With Suspension
hubless ebike
Our mechanism is a chain sprocket free ebike concept wherein our motor can directly power the wheel using suspension based hubless mechanism.
Fire Extinguisher Drone
nevon fire extinguisher drone
A fire extinguisher drone that can reach high rise buildings of forest fires in a matter of minutes to drop fire extinguisher balls to stop the spread of fire in no time.
Solar Water Trash Collector
Solar Water trash collector
A floating solar powered lake pool cleaner with a little mesh to collect floating trash on water using RC remote controller for easy lake and pools cleaning.
Anti Riot Drone With Tear Gas
Anti riot drone
Anti riot drone allows for riot control by remotely dropping gas grenades/tear gas to disperse crowds with remote control safety.

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