Simplest definition of Mechatronics is the combination of mechanisms or mechanical motions with electronics. A mixture of mechanical engineering and electronics engineering to achieve more complex operations in robotics and automation.


Unique Hubless Ebike With Suspension
hubless ebike
Our mechanism is a chain sprocket free ebike concept wherein our motor can directly power the wheel using suspension based hubless mechanism.
Automatic Wire Cutter & Stripper Machine
Automatic Wire cutter machine
The wire moves through a set of free rollers to the feeder rollers with a pneumatic cutter and stripper tool for cutting and stripping purpose.
Anti Riot Drone With Tear Gas
Anti riot drone
Anti riot drone allows for riot control by remotely dropping gas grenades/tear gas to disperse crowds with remote control safety.
Solar Water Trash Collector
Solar Water trash collector
A floating solar powered lake pool cleaner with a little mesh to collect floating trash on water using RC remote controller for easy lake and pools cleaning.
Tricopter Selfie Drone
nevon tricopter selfie drone
The drone consists of a wireless camera that allows user to click his/her selfie from a wide variety of angles- top from far away, far to closeup zooming videos, group selfies, group videos and a lot more.
Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm
Hand Motion Robotic Arm
Hand motion controlled robotic arm using motion accelerometer and servo motors to easily control a 5 dof robotic arm as per ones hand movement commands.

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