Simplest definition of Mechatronics is the combination of mechanisms or mechanical motions with electronics. A mixture of mechanical engineering and electronics engineering to achieve more complex operations in robotics and automation.


IOT COVID Test Booth
iot COVID test Booth
IOT Based contactless COVID testing booth for mobile test stations to transmit COVID test sample number and patient details directly to Online server.
Electromagnetic Coil Gun | Rail Gun
nevon Electromagnetic Coil Gun
Electromagnetic coil gun that propells bullets using only electricity for a noiseless and pollution less bullet propulsion technology using coils and capacitors.
Off Road Adventure Robot
Off Road Adventure Robot
An Off road adventure robot for muddy, forest, mountain terrains with an action camera mount for rc adventures on off road terrains with 4K HD recordings.
Automatic Coil Winding Machine
3 wheel Rough Terrain E Bike
Fully automatic coil winding machine that allows takes user inputs for number of turns and other parameters for toroid coil winding with desired accuracy.
Fire Extinguisher Drone
nevon fire extinguisher drone
A fire extinguisher drone that can reach high rise buildings of forest fires in a matter of minutes to drop fire extinguisher balls to stop the spread of fire in no time.
Programmable Robotic Arm
Programmable Robotic Arm
A smartphone controlled programmable robotic arm that can be easily programmed via a smartphone to perform any automated repetitive tasks as desired by user.

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