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What is Electronics Engineering?

Electronics engineering is the engineering domain that deals with design and development of electricity powered applications. An electronics engineer makes use of microcontrollers, electronics components with printed circuit boards to develop electronics systems and devices.


Find the most innovative electronics projects to make at home by nevonprojects. Over 1200 + unique electronics projects ideas for engineering students and researchers using on IOT, robotics, solar, green tech, wireless communication and more.

IOT Virtual Doctor Robot
IOT Virtual doctor robot nevon
A virtual doctor robot that allows a doctor to virtually move around at a remote location at will and even talk to people at remote location as desired.
DIY Ventilator Using Arduino
DIY Ventilator using Arduino
This electronics project is a fully functioning ventilator with the ability to provide ventilation to a patient with adjustable pumping settings with Blood oxygen monitor.
Fire Extinguisher Drone
nevon fire extinguisher drone
A fire extinguisher drone that can reach high rise buildings of forest fires in a matter of minutes to drop fire extinguisher balls to stop the spread of fire in no time.
Dry Handwash using Fog to Save Water
Dry handwash using fog disinfection
We have been advised to wash hands regularly during the pandemic, but can we afford to waste so much water for handwash. Well here is a new age fog handwash machine that saves 95% water.
Ras Pi Thermal Screening Drone
Raspberry pi thermal drone
A thermal screening drone with live camera monitor as well as thermal screening using Raspberry Pi to check heating in towers, solar panels, tall structures and more.
Arduino CoVid Disinfection Box
Arduino covid disinfection box
We design a 360 degree disinfection box using ultraviolet sterilization by UV-C technology proven to deactivate coronaviruses, with timer and safety shutoff settings.

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