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DIY Ventilator Using Arduino
DIY Ventilator using Arduino
This electronics project is a fully functioning ventilator with the ability to provide ventilation to a patient with adjustable pumping settings with Blood oxygen monitor.
Solar Lake/Pool Cleaner Robot
Solar lake pool cleaner Robot
Cleaning large lakes and pools using solar power from the the comfort of a chair via long range remote control using the DIY solar lake pool cleaner water trash collector.
3 Wheel Rough Terrain Ebike
DIY 3 wheel rough terrain ebike
So here we design a smart 3 wheeled geared bike with double suspension for rough terrain as well as high speed riding. Having a never befor seen through a unique suspension joint linkage setting.
Social Distancing & Mask Monitor Drone
Social distancing drone
The DIY Social distancing and mask monitor drone allows to remotely monitor and issue warnings to people not following social distancing & mask norms with ease.

Ras Pi Thermal Screening Drone
Raspberry pi thermal drone
A thermal screening drone with live camera monitor as well as thermal screening using Raspberry Pi to check heating in towers, solar panels, tall structures and more.
Dual Mount Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser
Auto sanitizer dispenser project
Fully automatic sensor based sanitizer dispenser with the ability to wall mount as well as stand mount for contactless sanitizer dispensing capability.

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