IOT Weather Drone Airship For Weather Forecasting

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Nevon IOT Weather Drone


Weather forecasters often require data from upper atmosphere for more accurate weather forecasting. Atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed and wind direction play an important role in forecasting weather conditions more accurately.
For this purpose we here suggest a smart weather monitoring station that uses a zeppelin mechanism to send an array of weather sensors into the upper atmosphere for live atmospheric data transfer.
The Live Upper Atmosphere weather station offers a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Ability to reach any height as controlled by user
  • Long Range using IOT Connectivity
  • Measures Atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed
  • Get all data to online portal for analysis
  • Live Data Monitoring
  • IOT Controller for controlling height and movement of Station
  • Long Duration Monitoring

The zeppelin drone uses GSM connectivity to get unlimited range of flying. It uses cell towers for internet connectivity. The location of the zeppelin is constantly transmitted to the server and can be viewed online over IOT using GPS tracking. Also an on board camera transmits live footage of the zeppelin at all times. The user may navigate and control the drone lift and movement as desired online. The propeller motor is with a servo mount is used to control the flight direction of zeppelin.

The system makes use of a compressed helium tank with 2 valves to drive air in and out of the compressed air tank. The compressed helium is pushed into the air balloon and reversed compressed in to tank as and when needed to control the zeppelin height.

Onboard sensors include pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. The sensors along with a GPS sensor transmit this data over the internet right back to the user who can log this data as well as view live values over the internet.

Note: This kit does not include Battery.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Zeplin baloon
  • Drone Motor
  • Propeller
  • Servo Motor
  • Helium Tank
  • Piping and Valves
  • GPS Sensor
  • Air Pressure Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Wind Speed Sensor
  • Wind Direction Sensor
  • Drone Controller
  • Camera
  • Electrical & Wirings
  • Mounts and Joints
  • Base Frame
  • Supporting Frame
  • Screws and Fittings
Front View

Nevon weather drone front

Side View

Nevon atmospere drone side

3D Views

nevon weather station zepplin

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