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Arduino CoVid Disinfection Box
Arduino covid disinfection box
We design a 360 degree disinfection box using ultraviolet sterilization by UV-C technology proven to deactivate coronaviruses, with timer and safety shutoff settings.
Variable BPM Ventilator With Oximeter
Arduino ventilator variable bpm
DIY ventilator with variable bpm and oximeter for oxygen level check as per patients requirement made using arduino and sensors for times like pandemic to ventilate patients at low cost.
Hydroponic Fodder Grow Chamber
Hydroponic Indoor Fodder Grow Chamber
The system makes use of a temperature controlled chamber to maintain a cool air flowing environment along with grow lights to simulate sunlight along with water and moisture monitoring for best grow conditions.
Arduino Fire Detector & Extinguisher Bot
Arduino Fire Fighter Robot
Ability to detect fire using fire sensors and navigate its way through obstacles to extinguish it, this autonomous fire fighter robot caries water on its back to spray it on detected fires.
Arduino 4 Player Air Hockey Table
Arduino Air Hockey Table
We hereby design a project to take air hockey to the next level with an arduino powered multi player air hockey playing electronics integrated table that allows four players to play with score count.
IR Vision Snake Robot-Arduino
Arduino IR Vision Snake Bot
The IR vision can crawl tight spaces where normal robots cannot go like pipes, ducts, false ceilings. Carrying a camera transmitting life feed to android phone.

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How are these made ?

  • PCB (printed circuit board) development for the arduino project.
  • We then use an arduino programmer board and mount the arduino programmable IC on the board.
  • We then code it using arduino and then burn the IC.
  • The microcontroller is then mounted on the PCB board to get the desired output.

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