Biomedical Engineering & Biomedical Projects

Biomedical engineering is the coming together of medical and engineering sectors for healthcare and medical applications. Biomedical engineering involves applying electronics, mechanical and other engineering principals with biological support to address healthcare issues in a better way. A few examples of biomedical engineering would be blood pressure, temperature and other meters/readers, ventilators, prosthetics and so on.

What Does a Biomedical Engineer Do ?

  • Designing & Testing of Biomedical Devices.
  • Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Calibration of Biomedical Equipment.
  • Biomedical Research & Development.
  • Research Writing and Publishing Technical papers on Healthcare and Biomedical.
  • Improving/Upgrading existing biomedical equipment and devices.

Biomedical Projects

Below are examples of projects that involve use of biomedical engineering.

DIY Ventilator Using Arduino
DIY Ventilator using Arduino
This electronics project is a fully functioning ventilator with the ability to provide ventilation to a patient with adjustable pumping settings with Blood oxygen monitor.
IOT Temperature Mask Scan Entry System
IOT Mask scan entry
Manual mask and temperature is a tiring an not accurate system for large crowds. So here we automate the system using thermal sensors and camera for automatic safety check entry.
IOT Covid Patient Healthcare System
IOT covid patient biomedical project
A remote IOT based health monitor system that allows for remptely monitoring of multiple covid patients over the internet. The system monitors patient heartbeat, temperature and blood pressure
IOT Wheelchair Fall Detector & Alert
wheelchair fall detector
A useful IOT project to help the elderly/disabled send automatic alert if they fall so help arrives instantly. Using microcontroller based circuitry with interfaced sensors.
Fog Based Dry Handwash Machine
Dry Fogger Handwash Device
When the user rubs soap on his/her hands and inserts it into the system, this automatically triggers a water fogging system that converts water in the tank to fog and drives it in the handwash chamber.
Robot Mounted Bionic ARM
Robotic Bionic Arm Motion Controlled
This system has two wireless controllers mounted on gloves, one for each hand of the operator. Here system precisely replicates the finger motion of one hand of the operator onto the motion of the humanoid arm.

More Biomedical Projects