Industrial Engineering Projects & Industry Automation

What is Industrial Engineering & Industrial Automation?

Industrial Engineering is the optimization of industrial processes for increased productivity using production optimization, expense reduction, industry automation and other techniques.

Industry automation involves automating industrial work/processes to either improve production quantity or quality. Industrial automation does not necessarily involve usage of automatic machinery or robotic arms. It may also involve the simply involve adding conveyor belt to speed up internal movement of goods or using 2 workers instead of one on a time consuming task to increase production.
Industrial Projects | Industry Automation can be best understood with the help of industrial projects. Here are examples of industrial projects that automate industrial production.

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Solar Seawater Desalinator
Solar seawater desalination
Solar operated seawater desalination machine using 6 layer filtration ro + UV and mineral addition to make seawater drinkable within minutes.
Automatic Wire Cutter & Stripper Machine
Automatic Wire cutter machine
The wire moves through a set of free rollers to the feeder rollers with a pneumatic cutter and stripper tool for cutting and stripping purpose.
Potato French Fires Maker Machine
nevon dual side potato cutter machine
This machine uses a scotch yoke mechanism to achieve dual side potato cutting. The system makes use of motor mounted with a reduction gearbox to achieve the cutting power.
Bottle Filling & Capping Automation
bottle filling capping system
The system makes use of filling using piston and syringe arrangement along with a capping system using motorized arrangement all integrated in a single machine.
Color Based Product Sorting System
nevon conveyor color sorting
It consists of a color sensor to sense the type of product using color sense, the system currently utilizes three pistons to sort products respectively for packing.
Auto Sugarcane Cutter Machine
Sugarcane bud cutter machine
Fully automatic sugarcane bud cutter using pneumatic power for auto sugarcane cutting. A mini tabletop machine with a powerful motorized arrangement to push entire sugarcane bud into cutter.
Crispy Dosa Making Machine
Crispy Dosa Making Machine
a motorized dosa making machine for restaurants and hotels for bulk dosa making. The machine is made using a circular dosa making mechanism with rotating hot plate to make dosa’s within minutes.

IOT Industry Automation System
IOT Industry Automation
User is allowed to send commands for industrial machine/load switching over internet using IOT Gecko interface from anywhere in the world over internet.
Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutter Machine
sheet metal cutter
Manual cutting machines require a lot of manual effort and also are not suitable for bulk cutting processes whereas this automatic cutter ensures accurate and 2 x faster metal cutting.

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