Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC

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All product automation processes require labeling or stamping as a last step to brand the finished product. Different types of products require different types of labeling/stamping mechanisms. Here we demonstrate a complete stamping/labeling system that stamps the logo on a square product as it moves on a conveyor. The system consists of a conveyor belt driven by a motor. The conveyor is used to lead the product to the stamping base. Once the product reaches the stamping base, the stamping assembly is active which is a combination of 2 pneumatic pistons integrated with a stamp. The stamping assembly presses the stamp on an inkpad and then moves to stamp the ink label onto the product. After this the product is push on towards the second conveyor belt and separated out of the system into a tray. The system is powered by a PLC and integrated with proximity sensor to detect product. The PLC is used to detect product at each stage, move the product through the system by operating the conveyors accordingly, operate stamping mechanism and then move the product to the final tray.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits


  • Conveyor Belt
  • Rollers
  • DC Motor
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Pneumatic Pipes
  • Pneumatic Fittings
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • PLC
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Brackets & Mounts
  • Supporting Frame
  • Joints & Fixtures
  • Couplings
  • Screws & Bolts
  • PLC Programming Software
  • Ladder Logic

Block Diagram

Automated stamping machine plc

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