Top 5 Basic Electronic Projects Using LED | Relay LDR & BC547

Here are the top 5 simple yet fun diy electronics mini projects that you can make at home using Relay LED’s and BC547. Boost your electronics development skills with these 5 basic level electronic projects using simple components like relays, LDR, Led, RGB Led, BC547, resistors and capacitors. Get component list with price and buying links and making instructions step by step provided by nevonprojects.

Project 5: Security Alarm using Laser light

A mini Security alarm that sounds a buzzer whenever the laser light is obstructed using a 12V Relay, LDR, Buzzer and LED.

Components List:

Project 4: Auto Blinking LED Using Relay

A Led blinking circuit that can be used in signaling purpose or as Led Flasher consisting of 12V Relay, LEDs, Capacitors.

Components Required

Project 3: Light activated relay using LDR

An Automation System that turns Bulb On in dark condition constructed using LDR, 12V Relay and AC Bulb.

Components Required

Project 2: Relay based Liquid level Control

A System that can prevent water from over flowing when a certain threshold is reached, Uses 12V relay, Transistors, and Dc pump.

Components Required

Project 1: Short Circuit Protection using Relay

A Safety system which can turn on the power to the equipment in event of a short circuit, the system comprises of a 12V Relay, Transistor & LEDs.

Components Required

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