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Fire Extinguisher Drone
nevon fire extinguisher drone
A fire extinguisher drone that can reach high rise buildings of forest fires in a matter of minutes to drop fire extinguisher balls to stop the spread of fire in no time.
Thermal Vision RC Tank
Thermal Vision RC Tank
Tracked mechanism tank to allow it access on rough terrains with over 100 meters range integrated with both night vision and thermal vision wireless transmission.
Programmable Robotic Arm
Programmable Robotic Arm
A smartphone controlled programmable robotic arm that can be easily programmed via a smartphone to perform any automated repetitive tasks as desired by user.
LIDAR based Self Driving Car
LIDAR Self Driving Car
A Smart self driving car that uses LIDAR for automatic navigation using dc motors for drive and a servo motor for direction control driverless driving.
Anti Riot Drone With Tear Gas
Anti riot drone
The problem with riot control is stone pelters who make it difficult for police forces to get close to disperse crowds, but the anti riot drone can remotely drop tear gas grenades to disperse crowds.
Solar Water Trash Collector
Solar Water trash collector
A floating solar powered lake pool cleaner with a little mesh to collect floating trash on water using RC remote controller for easy lake and pools cleaning using robotics.

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Robotics is a mixture of electronics and movable parts, motors and accessories. NevonProjects provides the widest range of robotics projects for engineering students, researchers, beginners & engineers. We provide the widest list of robotics project ideas along with self learning robotic kits to help students in robotics research. Our robotics project ideas are unique and innovative concepts yet to be implemented. NevonProjects has a directory of electronics projects built on latest technologies to help electronics learners in their electronics development. Browse through our list or robotics projects ideas for engineering students, beginners as well as professionals and choose your desired project kit

Our projects help motivate robotics development. NevonProjects has all types and sizes of large to small robotics projects as desired by customers. These systems are built from scratch using microcontrollers and self made PCB boards. Our robotics projects are available in self learninig kits, readymade kits as well as self building kits. These kits are designed for various robotics needs of users.
The above list of robotics projects and ideas has been researched to help students, researchers, engineers and enthusiasts to learn and develop innovative robots using microcontrollers. Robotic systems research has been our core objective since 1990. NevonProjects constantly researches on innovative technologies that can be used in robotic systems. Browse through our list of robotics projects and order your robotic DIY kit to learn about robotic systems in no time.Also keep visiting pur robotics section to get new ideas for robotics systems development every week.

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