Design and Fabrication of Vertically Wall Climbing Glass Cleaning Robot

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This glass cleaning robot project proposes a glass-wall climbing robot that is intended for cleaning the glass wall surface. It is based on passive suction cups mechanism. The efficient wall climbing robot moves in vertical direction on ceiling surfaces. Wall climbing robot has the ability to climb on walls, walk ceilings and also can move on the surface of the earth. Centrifugal impeller is employed that generates the low-pressure space for correct adhesion on the vertical wall surfaces. No good protection is needed that is the main advantage of this wall climbing robot. It requires vacuum impeller to create a vacuum and suction motor which rotates the impeller with very high speed and creates a vacuum for adhesion system of the wall climbing robot. In centrifugal impeller, air enters from the eye of the impeller and exits radially. The inlet area where the air enters creates negative pressure and this is the required adhesion pressure, which is quite helpful for proper adhesion system. An impeller may be a rotating part of a centrifugal pump, typically fabricated from iron, steel, bronze, brass, metallic element or plastic. The suction pressure can be easily generated by impeller with backward curved vanes.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits

  • Components
  • Electric Ducted Fan unit
  • DC geared motors
  • Wheels
  • Low weight plastic chassis
  • Lipo battery

Block Diagram

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