Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC

This project is about controlling the wireless camera mounted robot through PC using Bluetooth module at the same time to pick any light object & place it.This project is about controlling the robot using Bluetooth modem.
┬ÁC board will be installed on robot. Bluetooth modem is attached to the robot & TV tuner card is connected to PC. Communication will be established between robot & PC through BT modem & BT dongle. Through PC we can control the robot. We will give left, right, forward, backward, command through PC to robot via BT dongle.
A wireless camera will be mounted on robot & TV tuner card will be interfaced with PC.Thus the robot will send images to PC through this wireless camera.
User will monitor & control the robot. User can command the robot to pick any object & place the same whenever it is required. User can take this action after getting the video/image from robot.
GUI will be designed in VB. Line driver is used to control the DC motor

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