Solar Energy Projects

Solar energy can be utilized to generate electricity using solar panels and solar cells. This solar power is one of the major sources of renewable energy or green energy on earth. Since solar power has many applications in various fields of technology and every day-to-day activities, Solar projects have a great significance in the Engineering education.
NevonProjects has the widest list of solar energy projects that make the most efficient use of solar energy and use it for various applications. These solar based projects have been built to help engineering students and researchers in their study and research. These DIY projects make use of solar panels to develop solar drones, solar inverters, Microcontroller systems, Arduino and Rasberry pi.
Find the innovative solar powered project ideas list for further only at NevonProjects.

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Solar Seawater Desalinator
Solar seawater desalination
Solar operated seawater desalination machine using 6 layer filtration ro + UV and mineral addition to make seawater drinkable within minutes.
Sun Tracker Floating Solar Panel
Hydraulic floating solar panel
A sun tracker solar panel that floats on water and does not occupy any space on land for solar power generation as well as preventing water evaporation to save water.
Solar Water Trash Collector
Solar Water trash collector
A floating solar powered lake pool cleaner with a little mesh to collect floating trash on water using RC remote controller for easy lake and pools cleaning using robotics.
Self Charging Solar Surveillance Drone
sola surveillance drone
A drone using solar power to constantly charge the drone to increase its flight time as well as the ability to land the drone anywhere and automatically charge battery remotely to take flight later.
Solar Outdoor Air Purifier
Solar Air Purifier
Heavy duty solar powered outdoor air purifier for renewable energy air purification anywhere, no power supply needed. Also having air quality monitoring and display.
Rooftop Solar Water Heater
solar water heater
Rooftop 20 liter capacity solar powered water for renewable power solar water heating system without any electricity.