Aes Source Code in Matlab

Get Aes source code that works for Matlab. The output of this code delivers every transformation that takes place in Aes algorithm along with individual rows modified.
Download and use for free in your research or personal usage.

To Run:Download the file, extract and run aes_init.m file in the aes folder in matlab.
AES is a symmetric block cipher.
The same key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message.
The plain text and the cipher text are the same size.
The Aes algorithm works as follows:
Convert to state array: This step consists of conversion on the matrix onto a state array operating with the sbox.
Transformations (and their inverses)
AddRoundKey: Computing the round key for each round.
SubBytes: Substituting by bytes from Sbox.
ShiftRows: Shifting of rows.
MixColumns: Exor operation on columns.
Key Expansion: Expanding the key to be used on next round.

Download Aes source code

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