Touch Pad Based Device Project

The objective of this project is to control the devices using touchpad.

The Project consists of 2 parts: Touchpad Remote Control and Devices.
Touchpad Remote Control:
This part consists of 4 major blocks as shown in the block diagram. The touchpad is interfaced to an ADC (0808 or MCP 3208) which gives the co-ordinates of the point touched by the User on the touchpad. These Coordinates are fetched by 8051 Microcontroller from ADC. According to the coordinates received, 8051 takes the necessary action and transmits a unique character (say’1’ for ON, ‘2’ for OFF) serially through Serial port. An RF Transmitter (315MHz or 433MHz) is connected to the Serial port which transmits these characters wirelessly through an antenna.

This part also consists of 4 major blocks as shown. The RF Receiver receives the serial data, transmitted from the remote control circuit and gives it to Microcontroller 8051. Depending upon the data received serially 8051 takes the necessary action, to change the status of the device.
The programming of both the 8051’s is done in C-language using KEIL compiler.

Touch Pad Based Device Switching

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