Farming Assistant Web Service

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A Web project to help farmers ensure greater profitability through direct farmer to supplier and farmer to farmer communication.
This service boosts business communication and brings transparency in the system.
This innovative site allows for good farmer, retailer and supplier communication. It allows farmers to login and communicate to respective dealers. When dealers publish an advertisement or offer, the respective farmers get notified via Sms message. The farmers may also submit their greviences and complaints to respective dealers or authorities using their farmer login on a separate complaints page and authorities will get acess to that page regularly using their login id and passwords.

This web project provides following features:

  1. Separate login areas with appropriated functionality for farmers, administrators and dealers/ retailers.
  2. A separate page where only farmers can post complaints and only assigned administrators can read and edit this page.
  3. Pages where dealers and retailers may post their ads and notifications.
  4. Farmers are notified of these notifications via sms whenever new ads are published.
  5. An effective GUI so that rural people may easily use the service.
  6. Can be over for multiple villages to communicate and deal with each other.

  • Farmers can directly contact suppliers by searching online.
  • Farmers may submit their grievances online.
  • Farmers get notification of any new offers/schemes.
  • Verification of the users cannot be done online. They have to first get themselves verified by visiting before using the system.
  • It requires a large database and memory.

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