AVR Microcontroller Atmega 328 | 328P

What are AVR Microcontrollers ?

AVR is a type of microcontrollers, also known as AVR family microcontrollers used for developing embedded systems. AVR family microcontrollers were introduced by Atmel in 1996 and later acquired by Microchip Technology in 2016.
The key feature about avr controllers was that it was the first microcontroller families that used on chip flash memory, whereas all other microcontrollers at the time used ROM, EPROM or EEPROM.

Atmega 328 vs Atmega 328P

  • Atmega328 is a 8 bit high performance RISC Based Microcontroller with 28 Pins
  • 32KB ISP flash memory, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM
  • 23 IO Pins
  • 32 general purpose working registers
  • SPI serial port, 6-channel 10-bit A/D converter
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8 – 5.5V
One only major difference between Atmega328 & 328P is operating power as 328P operates at 2.7 – 5.5V


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