Induction Motor Controller and Protection System

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Nevon Induction Motor Controller and Protection System


Induction motors have been used widely in different fields ranging from domestic appliances to industrial machinery. This necessitates a speed control mechanism that is efficient and is also safe to use. Also the induction motor can be run in either of the two directions which is quite useful in many applications.

But Induction motors like any other motors need efficient control to handle industrial applications. Along with it motors are the most vulnerable parts to get damaged as they product the desired motion in any machine. So we also integrate a temperature and vibration detection alert in the system.

This System provides the following advantages:

  • Induction Motor Switching using App
  • Induction Motor Speed Control
  • Motor Direction Control (Clockwise/Anticlockwise)
  • Motor Fire Protection
  • Motor Vibration Alert

Induction Motor Controller and Protection system serves this purpose of controlling the speed and direction of the induction motor along with protecting it from high vibration and temperature. Induction motor runs through direct AC line the amount of power given to it decides to what RPM it does rotates.

We use an Encoder sensor to measure the RPM of the motor. Also we take the wheel size input from user so that we can calculate the distance travelled by motor. We can modulate the power of the AC line to vary the speed of the induction motor through AC driver circuitry. An Atmega family microcontroller is used to give PWM power to an opto-coupler which drives the TRIAC giving supply to the induction motor. Instructions to the microcontroller are fed through bluetooth connection to the system.

An app is used to increase the speed of the motor, a button to change direction and a button to decrease speed of the induction motor. One can observe the whole process as it happens on the LCD. In this way this project proves to be quite useful in handling an Induction Motor for its speed and direction.

Now we use a Temperature sensor to detect induction motor temperature. The sensor is used to monitor temperatures of heavy duty induction motors during operation. The sensor constantly monitors motor temperature and displays on LCD Display. As soon as the temperature rises beyond certain limit, the system turns off the motor to avoid fires or coil burning.

Similarly we use a vibration sensor to monitor the motor vibrations during operation. The vibration of motor is displayed on LCD display as it runs. If the motor vibrates beyond a certain limit the system turns off the motor to avoid any damage to machine or motor so that it can be fixed in time and avoid any accidents. Thus the system provides a complete induction motor controlling as well as protection system for industrial applications.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Atmega 328 Microcontroller
  • Encoder Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Induction Motor
  • Switch Buttons
  • Status LED’s
  • Transformer
  • Regulatory Circuitry
  • PCB Board
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Transistors
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Grid Poles
  • Screws and Bolts

Block Diagrams

Nevon Induction Motor Controller and Protection System