Agricultural Robot Project

Agricultural robot project

Well agriculture has always been the backbone of India for a long time. The project we put forth has been designed to automate the work of a farmer so that he can tirelessly perform his farming tasks. We intend to automate the most common and frequent tasks of the farmer.
Our project focuses on remote controlling and slight automating the tractor with sensors so as to get daily farming tasks done with ease. Here we try to automate some farming tasks such as remote controlled tractor and water spraying.
The farmer will be provided with a wireless remote control using which he may start or turn off tractor robot and control its movement. Moreover the robot is also embedded with obstacle sensors using which it can detect oncoming obstacles such as cattle, children, big trees, rocks etc. Also it is fitted with a sprayer and water tank so farmer does not need to manually spray water over fields. The robotic vehicle automatically sprays water when farmer sends sprayer on command. Thus this agricultural robot is aimed to improve, automate tractor farming and make the work of a farmer easy.

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