Bike security anti theft Project

Bike anti theft system

The proposed system is an anti bike theft system that makes bike theft almost impossible. This anti bike theft project is a system attached to the bike ignition system. In order to start the ignition system, user has to enter his strong password. Only when the right password is entered does the ignition system start. The bike user must carry an Rf receiver device with him.
Well the owner may now park his bike as intended and lock it. If a thief tries to break the key lock he still cannot start engine ignition without entering the right password. The system now prompts user to enter the password, if he enters the wrong password the system sends signals through Rf sender circuit connected to it. These signals are then received by RF receiver device with the user and he is alerted.

The system also engages the thief by prompting to enter the password again. Well if the user does not arrive within certain time limit to take actions and enter right password the system then sounds a buzzer to alert passersby or security personnel nearby. The alarm stops as soon as user enters the right password.

1. Keil compiler
2. Eagle 5.0

1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
3. Buzzer

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