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Android Query Generator for Plants is basically a Data Dictionary of Plants. Almost every information of a plan such a species, family, colors, seasons etc. you can find everything in this System. The Name Query Generator comes from the fact that the Data are in virtual tables so that the user can take advantages of Full text Searches. When you use this system either you may have knowledge about plants or you may be a person who is completely unaware of plants. So to tackle this the system uses a Full Text search for the person who knows about plants and an advance search or conditional search where the user can choose the family, species, colors etc. i.e. the columns of the table to get the results. The objective of the project is to know all the information related to plants and its species. The application can be useful for users to search plants nearby for medicinal purpose or in any emergency situation. The system not only helps the user with the search category but many other things in order to obtain what the user id looking for into many modules namely; Calendar, Maps, Family etc.

  • Plant search using keywords and map view.
  • This system give you exact information about plants and their families.
  • This system is user-friendly.
  • Takes less processing time.
  • Active internet connection required.
  • Entered data should be correct and valid.

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