PLC Based Smart Elevator Control System Project

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The main requirement of all multi storage buildings are elevators. Elevators ease the work humans and keep him/her in the comfortable zone. Elevators are used in almost all the multi storage buildings in metropolitan cities. Elevators are nothing but the vertical transportation device which is used to transfer goods and passengers. Elevators use limit switch for floor indication. High rise buildings and malls constructions are widely increasing and elevator is an integral part of transportation medium in such infrastructures. By implementing plc-based smart elevator projects we can reduce the human efforts, accidents caused due to breakage of rope, efficiency and speed of elevator can also be improved. Even time can be consumed by using such plc-based elevator controller system. PLC controlled systems plays a vital role in stability and steady state of lift. It guides the lift in what order to stop at Floors, when to close and open the door. This plc based smart elevator control system project consists of three sensors, on each floor these three sensors senses the load in elevator. On pressing the start button twice, the elevator moves till the second floor. And the press stop button is used to stop the elevator. As the elevator passes through the respective floors, the colour of the lamp changes. Respective floor will be given respective colour lamp as the elevator reaches to the floor, the respective colour light lamp will glow.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • PLC
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Push buttons
  • Led Lamps
  • Relay
  • DC motor

Block Diagram

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