Automatic Pick and Place Conveyor Transfer Using PLC

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Pick and place automation systems are widely used in industrial processes as a section of a complete assembly system. Most of pick and place systems are typically used to pick and place parts/components in fixtures for the assembly process, or they are used to pull components off the system and position them for packaging or for sending them to the next stage in the assembly process. Pick and place automation systems help maximize the efficiency of any automated assembly system by reducing labor costs and increasing production throughput. Hence we have developed a system which has infrared sensor to detect the object and a conveyor which carries the objects to be picked with the help of electromagnet mounted on pneumatic cylinder which gets actuated using solenoid valves and are being placed on other conveyor to reach the destination, thus the flexibility of the system is to meet the requirements. The system consists of 2 conveyor belts placed at a 90 degree angle. System uses proximity sensors to track products/objects on belt. On detection the system uses a combination of pneumatic cylinders coupled with an electromagnet to pick and place the object on a 90 degree horizontal conveyor and move it to next point. The proximity sensor on second conveyor is then used to operate the second conveyor on detecting the object on it. The entire system is monitored and operated by PLC to ensure efficient process flow.

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  • Programmable Logic Control(PLC)
  • Push Buttons
  • Led’s
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Pneumatic Pipes
  • Valves
  • Motor
  • Shaft
  • Electromagnet
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Connecting Rod
  • Roller
  • Mounts
  • Supporting Frame
  • Joints & Fixtures
  • Screws


  • Fully Automatic Cutting
  • Accurate Sorting Results
  • Efficient & Portable System

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