Automatic Bed Mattress Deep Cleaning Machine

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Nevon mattress cleaner machine


Cleaning your mattress is a very tiresome process that requires a lot of human effort. Even after these efforts are your mattresses actually clean ? Mattresses are upto 40cm thick made up of spring and foam layers. Cleaning the outer surface does not deep clean the dust, impurities, moulds, bacteria. Odor causing agents inside your mattress. So to actually clean your mattresses and protect your investment and enjoy it you need to deep clean your mattresses from time to time. Now this is a quite challenging and impossible process as mattresses are quite large to be inserted in dustbins or carried to laundry rooms each time. So to solve this problem we here develop a portable mattress cleaning machine that is easy to carry into a room and provides instant mattress cleaning using 3 stage deep cleaning process along with odor removal and adding fragrance to your mattress.
The mattress cleaner offers a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Portable system to be carried into any room
  • Auto Mattress Feeding using Roller Mechanism
  • Vacuum Suction for Dust Cleaning and Dust Suction from Mattress
  • Steam Cleaning for Deep Cleaning Throughout the Mattress
  • Ability to Add Essential Oils for Virus, Bacteria Killing and Odor Removal
  • Automatic Scrubbing throughout the mattress for instant stain removal
  • Complete control of feeding speed, steam and vacuum processes through panel

The system makes use of a smartly designed portable design for ease of usage. The frame is integrated with 4 pivot wheels making it easy to carry. The machine uses a high power vacuum suction motor that is fitted with small nozzles near the mattress feeder to such in dust throughout the mattress as it is fed into the machine. The machine is integrated with a water chamber that allows it to heat up the water and generate steam. This steam is passed through the small nozzles located near the other end of the machine that allows for steam to pass through the entire mattress killing bacteria, moulds and other odor creating agents.

The third stage is the scrubber mechanism that keeps rotating thus scrubbing the mattress as it pass through the machine. This helps remove stains and allows for surface cleaning of the mattress. Addition of essential oils in the water chamber allows for more effective bacteria killing, odor removals and adding a fresh fragrance to the cleaned mattress. This the machines makes deep mattress cleaning easier as well as more effective.

Approximate Dimensions: 70 x 55 x 198cm (LxWxH)

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Feed Motor
  • Nozzles
  • Piping and Fittings
  • Water Tank
  • Heating Coil
  • Controller Circuitry
  • Scrubber Brush
  • Couplings
  • Bearings
  • Handle
  • Rollers
  • Castor Wheels
  • Transparent Glass
  • Electrical & Wirings
  • Mounts and Joints
  • Base Frame
  • Supporting Frame
  • Screws and Fittings
Front View

Nevon mattress cleaner machine

Side View

Nevon mattress cleaner machine

3D Views

nevon mattress cleaning machine

nevon mattress cleaning machine

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