Automatic Water Level Control System Using PLC Project

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Here we have proposed the concept of “Water Level Control System Using PLC”. Most Industries are facing water level controlling problem, the major problem encountered is to monitor the over flowing of water. Sometimes water flows over the tank level. This water tank level controller system helps to prevent the overflowing of water from the tank and helps in maintaining the water level. Filling of tank is monitored by two sensors positioned to sense maximum and minimum water levels of tank. The water level is maintained by using two water level float sensors. One of the float sensors is plotted at bottom of the tank, when the water reaches to the low level then the dc pump from the tumbler 2 gets on to fill the empty tank. The second float sensor is plotted at the top of the tank to monitor the high rise of the water level. When the water overflows or rises above the threshold, the solenoid valve gets on and passes the water from tumbler 1 to tumbler 2 through the pump. Green light on the PLC indicates the DC pump is on and Blue light indicates that the solenoid valve is on. The advantages of a water level control systems are, there is a possibility of maintaining a constant level in case of variable filling or draining flow, avoiding shocks that are introduced in the network when the pump is started, the possibility of using a motor of a different power than the maximum one for a longer interval without frequently turning offs or short functioning.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Float sensors
  • PLC
  • Buttons
  • LED
  • Lamps
  • DC Pump

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