Wish list Products Price Comparison Website Project

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Price comparison websites are becoming more popular since Ecommerce revolution. The data and values provide by the price comparison sites helps consumers to save money while shopping online. The ability to check the price of products brings convenience and saves a lot of time. Price comparison is done when the price of the same product is compared in different outlets. There are many online shopping sites which are being used to shop various products online. A particular product has different prices on every different shopping site. We need to check manually the price of the product on every site, which causes inconvenience and consumes a lot of time. There are many price comparison sites which provides products comparison, but there is no site which compares the price of wish list products. Hence, we have proposed a project named Wish list Products Price comparison website which compares the prices of only interested products which user intents to buy. This price comparison website for wish list products will help to compare the price from various e-commerce websites. This system has an advance feature of sending notification when the price changes of a particular product which has been added in the wish list. This Price comparison site is extremely helpful for frequent online shoppers to check prices on different online stores in one place. This system will show you the product prices from different retailers to show you where to buy the product at affordable price. Whenever the price of the product changes it sends notification to the user.

  • It become easy to shop at affordable prices.
  • It saves time.
  • It requires active internet connection.

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