DIY Waste Food Shredder Compost Maker Machine

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Nevon DIY Waste Food Shredder Compost Maker Machine


Compost for plant growth can be easily made from waste food that helps in discarding waste food as well as getting free compost for plants. Well there only stands one obstacle in the process, shredding of waste to generate compost. Shredded food waste degrades way faster than whole food.

So here we develop a food waste shredder that shreds food waste in a matter of seconds. Moreover not every place can afford the high amount of energy required to run a waste shredder. So we make the shredder a bicycle powered machine so that it is portable as well as doesn’t consume any power.

The organic waste shredder delivers following advantages

  • Efficient shredding of organic waste
  • No food waste on streets or environment
  • No Power needed, Bicycle powered
  • Portable System to be used anywhere
  • Easy to use

The pedal powered compost shredder machine makes use of shredding blades along with chain sprocket arrangements, shafts and rollers to achieve desired results. The shredder is powered by bicycle pedals. The system is designed with shredder unit attached to the pedal rotator using chain sprocket arrangement.

The mounting is built to hold the pedal roller power transfer to the sprocket of the shredder. The roller energy is transmitted to another shaft through a chain sprocket arrangement. The upper shaft is now used to drive 2 rotating shredder blades to achieve desired shredding.

The shredder blades are enclosed in a metal plate box with a funnel type rectangular top. The funnel like top allows for easy waste food or other organic waste feeding to the shredder blades. This allows for a portable easy to use waste food shredder to be used anywhere.

Note: This kit does not include a bicycle.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Shredder Blades
  • Pedals
  • Crank Arm & Bracket
  • Chain & Sprocket
  • Supporting Frame Rods
  • Contact Roller
  • Blade Frame
  • Shaft & Bearings
  • Mounts and Couplings
  • Supporting Frame
  • Screws and Bolts

Block Diagram

Nevon Waste Food Shredder Compost Maker

Nevon Waste Food Shredder Compost Maker

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