DIY Scissor lift Shoes

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Many times, we wish we would reach the highest point on our shelves or the furniture at home or at a shop in order to take out sometime or to clean it easily. Shoes are usually intended to protect and comfort human foot. This scissor lift shoes will help to lift up to the highest point and make you taller, just on brake lever press and while pressing the same brake lever can make you come down. Thus, while pressing the brake lever the shoe goes up and the individual does not exert his whole weight on the one shoe. When the buttons are released, the piston does not move back so that the shoe supports the whole load. After, when the user wants to go down, he exerts his whole weight on the one shoe pressing the brake lever of the pistons so that shoe goes down and the same procedure is followed with the opposite pair also.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits

  • Components
  • Laser cutting links
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Break lever
  • L angle
  • Base plates
  • Pair of shoes
  • Brake cables
  • Nuts and bolts

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