3 DOF Hydraulic Extractor Mini JCB

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Hydraulic extractors are of great use in various construction as well mining industries. Due to heavy duty use, these mechanisms need hydraulic pistons to work. This mechanism allows these heavy duty machines to lift heavy weights and work in rough environments with ease. Here proposed project provides a working hydraulic excavator mechanism used for digging, mining, construction industry. We here demonstrate hydraulic piston mechanism by using syringes with liquid to achieve required hydraulic pressure for operating the excavator. We use 3 syringes to operate the excavator in 3 degrees of freedom. One for operating the bucket, one for operating the excavator in vertical direction and one for the base forward and backward. This also system consists of a base where additional mechanism can be integrated with it to achieve 4th degree of freedom, to move it in horizontal directions.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Advantages
  • Useful in construction and mining industries
  • lift heavy weights and work in rough environments with ease
  • Capable of moving in horizontal directions

Block Diagram

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