Gearless Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism

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This system demonstrates efficient gearless transmission of power at any required angle. This saves gear manufacturing time and costs along with teeth matching and gear placement issues. The elbow mechanism is an efficient design of gearless transmission technique and the kinematic system that allows for efficient power/motion transmission at any required angle. This mechanism allows for motion transmission from 90 degree to 180 degree angles between the driver and the driven shafts.
We use mounts to mount a DC motor with shaft coupled to it. We then use six rods to link driver shaft with the driven shaft. We use accurate drilling with relatively spaced and diametered holes to attach the connection rods with precision. We then use mounts to hold the driven rod in precise position. Now the motor can be powered using 12V supply and can be used to drive the other shaft using elbow mechanism.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Parts
  • Shaft
  • Shaft Mounts
  • Rods
  • DC Motor
  • Supporting Frame
  • Advantages
  • No Gears Needed
  • Easy placement in restricted spaces

Block Diagram

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