Push Based Box Transport Mechanism

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We usually see conveyer belts for box transportation. But here is a different approach to the box transport system. In many industrial manufacturing/product printing lines we come across systems that transport boxes across machines for various processes. This system demonstrates the concept of box transportation. This system allows for bring stacked boxes upon one another to a flat line for transportation on horizontal sections. The accurately cutout sections allow the boxes to slide horizontally with accurate distance from one another since we use push based mechanism to push individual boxes with just one motor. So this allows to bring vertically stacked boxed into horizontal board as well as push them while keeping them at accurate distance from each other for further machining process to work accurately. This helps in fast automation as well as power saving since only one motor is used to drive the entire mechanism.

  • Parts
  • Rods
  • Supporting Frame
  • Motor
  • Screw & Mounts
  • Vertical Frame
  • Advantages
  • Smart Mechanism
  • Accurate Box Flow
  • Single Motor Usage

Block Diagram

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