Microcontrollers & Microcontroller Projects

What is a Microcontroller ?

A microcontroller is the brain of an electronics system. A microcontroller as the name suggests is a mini control unit that senses all input data and operates all outputs in an electronics system.

Types o Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are divided into types known as Microcontroller Families which are as follows 8051 Microcontrolles | PIC Microcontrollers | AVR Microcontrollers | ARM Microcontrollers and more


Here are some examples electronics projects made using microcontrollers

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These microcontroller based project ideas are innovative systems yet to be implemented. These systems help students in final years, engineers in their work research and also researchers in their research work. We provide the most innovative ideas on microcontroller based projects to help students in their final year projects. Above final year project ideas and topics guide electronics learners in how systems are built from scratch.

The above listed projects are electronics systems that use a variety of microcontrollers to demonstrate various systems. NevonProjects provides the largest variety of microcontroller based projects ideas for study and research. The above list is compiled by our developers and researchers to help you choose the best microcontroller based projects for your research and development. These projects make use of microcontrollers to achieve desired functions and read desired inputs. Microcontrollers are programmable units that allow the development of efficient electronics systems with ease. Microcontrollers allow developers to receive sensor inputs as well as procide desired output at desired pins which is a very important feature needed for electronics system development and research. The above mentioned microcontroller based projects list consists of a variety of projects ideas that use microcontrollers to achieve various functionalities.