Motion Based PC Video Game

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In today’s world we like making games more interactive. So we try to incorporate more sophisticated human motion sensing to provide as input to those virtual games. This helps us to map human motions into computer games. So here we use an accelerometer for this purpose. An accelerometer allows to measure acceleration in three different directions. So on sensing motion it outputs voltage for x, y and z directions. This accelerometer can thus be used as a glove or handheld device to map user hand movement into computer games. Here we use accelerometer with a circuit that consists of capacitors to convert the analog voltage provided by accelerometer to digital voltage signals. We here use four comparators in non inverting and inverting mode used to convert 4 bit data at various orientations. Now this is connected to an RF encoder. So this data is transmitted by rf transmitter. Another with rf encoder is used to receive the input and decode the data using an HT12D connected to it. This decoder now decodes data and provides it to microcontroller for further processing. The microcontroller now processes this data and sends required commands to the computer. We here use a simple game designed in VVB 6 to map the inputs and display actions in the game. Motion Based PC Video Game

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