RF Secure Coded Communication System

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Our project enables users to send secret codes by entering messages through computer keyboard and sending the code through RF transmitters. This secret code sent is received through an RF receiver. The rest functionality is performed at receiving end thus maintaining confidentiality of the message.
The system is designed to be used for secret code transmissions needed in military, government or other sensitive communications. User may type his message through a computer keyboard. This is then processed by an 8051 microcontroller and delivered to the receiver end wirelessly.
This system has a secret code attached to the transmission. The message typed in by user is transmitted to the receiving end through an RF transmitter. At the receiving end the RF receiver is integrated with a code and display system. User at receiving end can only view the message if he enters the right code.
On entering the right code, the transmitted message is displayed on an LCD display.

RF Secure Coded Communication Project

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