WiFi Shopping Guide Project

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Our proposed project is an online Shopping system that provides an effective solution for users to buy the goods according to their requirements and demands. Often people get confused while buying goods from online, as they are not sure of material and quality, but we provide Quality products, and we even have great offers and coupons for our customers. This system solves all problems of the user by providing them different packages and facility.

The most important part of the online Shopping agency project is its products and offers provided to users. The database consists of a list of products. The system promises to build 3 different areas for demonstrating its functionality appropriately. Our proposed system will consist of a user registration and login module for new users to register and login to the system. The user may then view various products available. The user may even cancel his booking using his login credentials. After successful booking user can make payment via a demo credit card and gets an acknowledgement email too.


  • User Registration and login: User has to first create an account in the system by registering themselves and then can login into the system for accessing the services.
  • Product View: The system contains a list of all the Products so that users can explore and get a variety of Products.
  • Product selection: It has variety of quality products user may select from them according to the kind product they want.
  • Product Cancellation: Users may even cancel their order if they wish.
  • Credit Card Payment: They can make payment online via credit card.
  • Receipt Generation: Every user gets an instant notification regarding the payment being made.
  • Feedback: Users can even provide feedback into the system by filling up feedback form.

  • It becomes convenient for users to book Product online instead of visiting personally.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Provides a customized view of the product to users.
  • Accuracy Issues: A computerized system alone does not ensure accuracy, and the warehouse data is only as good as the data entry that created it.
  • Requires reliable internet connection.
  • Requires large database.

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