Closed Loop DC Motor Control To Run It At Exact Speed

The project aims at controlling the speed of BLDC motor by applying loop based control technique. There is a need for controlling a DC motor speed in industries that uses drilling, spinning, lathes, elevators etc therefore this system provides an efficient mechanism for increasing or decreasing the speed.
The project uses PWM concept to control the speed. The BLDC motor is kept on closed loop feedback and the microcontroller is given RPM reference upon a shaft mounted IR reflection arrangement. The speed is measured by the IR sensor interfaced to microcontroller and is displayed on LCD. Using the keypad, required speed in percentage is fed to microcontroller that generates pulse width to automatically adjust the DC power. Microcontroller then initiates the opto-isolator and MOSFET to drive the BLDC motor at required speed.
Closed loop for brushless dc motor

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