Anti Stampede Monitoring And Alarm Project

Our proposed project puts forward a system that alerts us as soon as it detects a stampeding situation in large gatherings of people.
A lot of religious places, events, rural rallies etc are prone to stampeding situations. Stampedes are common in such conditions due to over abundance of people at a time. Our system is designed to warn the people and authorities in advance before such a situation arises.
The system helps us provide an efficient framework to drive a systematic pedestrian flow prediction as well risk avoiding system in overcrowded places having a chance of stampede. This is achieved by using a good number of pressure switches which get actuated when a large number of people start gathering at a single place.
All these switches are then connected to a microcontroller of 8051 family. The microcontroller receives the input of the number of switches actuated. Depending on this input on the number of switches actuated crosses a certain limit, it sets off an alarm, alerting the authorities of a possible stampede.
This status is also displayed on an LCD display connected to the microcontroller. The system can be later improved further by interfacing it with a GSM modem that sends out an sms to required authorities.

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