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Thermal Vision RC Tank
Thermal Vision RC Tank
Tracked mechanism tank to allow it access on rough terrains with over 100 meters range integrated with both night vision and thermal vision wireless transmission.
AI Bartender Cocktail Maker Using Ras Pi
Raspberry Pi Bartender Machine
We here develop a smart next generation cocktail maker machine that dosen’t have any buttons not a touch screen but simply operated by users voice to serve from a menu of 20 cocktail drinks.
IOT Garbage Segregator & Level Indicator
IOT garbage indicator ras pi
Garbage segregation is an import step needed for garbage recycling, this garbage segregation uses machine vision with sensors & Ras pi to instruct users to dispose garbage segregatedly and ensure rules are followed.
Thermal Screening Drone- Ras Pi
Thermal screening drone Using Ras Pi
Raspberry pi powered thermal screening drone uses thermal camera to check heating issues in inaccessible places like windmills, electric towers, antennas, rooftop systems etc.
IOT Dog Daycare Robot
IOT gas leak detector
The Robot is an IOT Based robot that is capable of taking care you your pets, feeding them on time serving water and 24 hour monitoring when alone at home.
Ras Pi Android Surveillance Robot
Ras Pi Android Surveillance Robot
Raspberry pi powered surveillance robot controlled via android for spy survaillance with 360 degree rotating camera a combination for raspberry pi and robotics.

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Raspberry pi projects are a fast and enhanced way of learning embedded electronics as well as software development. Also known as ras pi or rpi, we provide a wide range of innovative rpi projects list and kits. This page lists the most innovative raspberry pi projects ideas and topics with free abstract synopsis download along with PPT. Get the latest ideas with documentation data on raspberry pi board needed for your theoretical knowledge on making the system as well as practical implementation diagrams.

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Raspberry Pi is a low cost card sized computer. It was made in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the motive to providing basic computer and electronics knowledge to institutions at a lower cost.
Raspberry Pi is based on linux operating systems.Raspberry Pi was launched in market in 2011 with the intention of promoting basic computing skills in schools and developing countries. Since then It has become the Do it yourself (DIY) gadget maker’s go-to device. Tinkerers, enthusiasts and students have taken to the Internet with many projects utilizing the Raspberry Pi. The little computer used for controlling robots, become the building block for almost any gadget the mind could dream up.  As of early 2016, millions of devices had been sold and a second generation, the Raspberry Pi 2, has also been introduced.

We provide latest Raspberry Pi projects topics and ideas for students, engineers and researchers. You could get Raspberry Pi projects with source code for your learning and research . We have great variety of Raspberry Pi based projects for learning and guidance. Our list of innovative Raspberry Pi projects list is a compilation of systems that are built to fulfill various student needs as well as industrial applications. Our Raspberry Pi based self learning project kits include all system details with circuit diagram explanation and source code development explanation along with tutorials of how the entire project kit is built for your understanding of the system development. So, here we have listed out some of the best projects ideas based on Raspberry Pi which can be useful for engineering students in completing their Graduation successfully.