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Internet of things is the coming together of internet and physical devices in a network of unlimited possibilities using microcontrollers, arduino and raspberry pi. IOT allows for physical devices to wirelessly communicate over networks which has led to a growing number of applications for iot devices. Nevon Projects brings you the list of most innovative IOT projects for students and engineers using micocontroller arduino raspberry pi etc. Also all iot projects require internet connection using either esp8266 nodemcu or gsm connection. These IOT ideas are updated every week to bring you new unique IOT project ideas every week.


IOT Virtual Doctor Robot
IOT Virtual doctor robot nevon
A virtual doctor robot that allows a doctor to virtually move around at a remote location at will and even talk to people at remote location as desired.
IOT Dog Daycare Robot
IOT gas leak detector
The Robot is an IOT Based robot that is capable of taking care you your pets, feeding them on time serving water and 24 hour monitoring when alone at home.
IOT Smart Garbage Segregator
IOT smart garnage segregator
An important step in garbage recycling is garbage segregation. To ensure people dispose garbage in segregated way this raspberry pi based project provides and innovative way to do it.
IOT Weather Station Airship
iot weather station airship
A smart weather monitoring station that uses a zeppelin mechanism to send an array of weather sensors into the upper atmosphere for live atmospheric data transfer.
IOT Temperature Mask Scan Entry System
IOT Mask scan entry
Manual mask and temperature is a tiring an not accurate system for large crowds. So here we automate the system using thermal sensors and camera for automatic safety check entry.
IOT Smart Dustbin
IOT smart bin
In this smart age why should your dustbin be dumb. Just tap your feet to open the bin & get IOT status of bin garbage levels through wifi using the IOT smart dustbin project.

All IOT Projects List

Nevon Projects brings you a list of most innovative IOT Projects an internet of things ideas. IOT stands or internet of things viz hardware devices interacting over the internet. This is done using either ESP8266 and NodeMcu which are frequently used to develop a wide variety of iot devices and diy projects or using Gsm connectivity. Here are some of the top IOT projects made using nodemcu and esp8266 wifi module and GSM. This are ideas for the growth of internet of things in many applications including consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, smart cities etc.

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These iot projects using arduino and the iot projects using raspberry pi board are an inspiration to students and researchers for further iot research. Our researchers focus on the use of IOT for home/industry automation and monitoring various physical parameters over the internet. Here you may find a wide list of projects related to internet of things along with free synopsis abstract, PPT and source codes for building up practical IOT knowledge.
Nevonprojects constantly researches on internet of things ideas and concepts that have the potential to have numerous iot applications.