Automatic Pneumatic Operated Coconut Dehusking Machine

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The main objective of this coconut dehusking machine is to remove the coconut shell and to eliminate the skilled labour involved in dehusking. The coconut outer shell consists of a fibrous husk which is one to two inches thick. The main source used here is hydraulic power. The arm like structure is used for opening the husk, the coconut is placed on holding mechanism in vertical direction such that coconut eye faces the top. Hydraulic powered mechanisms are used for lifting and holding. The major problem with this machine is bulky and it consumes high-power. The pneumatic coconut husk remover is same as that of pneumatic punching machine. It consists of pneumatic cylinders, hand lever valve, sequencing valve, pneumatic operated holder and tool. The sequencing valve and hand lever valve helps to supply compressed air with high pressure and this high pressure is let inside the pneumatic cylinder. The dehusking of coconut is done by placing coconut in the pneumatic operated holding machine. Then the compressed air is supplied with the help of hand lever valve. The coconut moves upward with the help of compressed air which is connected to cylinder, the removal of husk is done by tool. The husk is loosened a lot which can be easily removed by hand. Thus, the whole dehusking process is carried out by using this pneumatic system.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits

  • Components
  • Metal frame
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • pu pipe
  • Pneumatic connectors
  • Solenoid valve

Block Diagram

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