Online Railway Concession Form for College System

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Local train is the lifeline of people, and students are no exceptions. Education without train travelling is a rarely seen case. Students below the age of 25 are given a facility by Central and Western Railway, Mumbai, giving them concession in train pass if they use the local train services for going to their educational institutes. Colleges, provides students the railway train concession forms, issued by the Central and Western Railway, to avail the concession facility. Students have to wait for hours in a queue to get this form. The concerned college authority has a cumbersome task of filling the student details manually on the form. After analysing all the problems and requirements of the hour, the need for automation was strongly felt. Railway Concession Form System is an application that has automated the manual process which has many flaws. The perfection of data that this e-railway concession system provides to the institute and the government cannot be achieved with the manual proceedings. It aims at making the process efficient, quick and easy-going.

  • Form details are now properly and completely filled.
  • Every user who takes a pass for the second time needs to fill extra details relating to their respective last pass. This demand can now be satisfied without errors.
  • Many details of the students are retrieved from the college provided database. In case of any change required, the student has to notify the college. Thus, the college database is kept up-to date.
  • Misuse of forms has been entirely eliminated.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • Users’ needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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