Smart Burglar Alarm

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Smart Burglar Alarm
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Burglary is an unwanted event that no one wants to happen their premises. However it is difficult for anyone to be alert at all the times to protect their premises. This simple device Smart Burglar Alarm helps in this situation by raising an Alarm when there is an unwanted intrusion in the secured premises.
The Smart Burglar Alarm is based on a loop of copper wire which is laid at the entrance of the secured area. When an intruder steps in breaking the loop, the system activates an alarm connected to the system. By hearing the alarm the resident of the office / home can get alert about the intrusion and a possible burglary. The alarm sounds till the system is turned OFF or the wire loop is connected back.
The principle of working of the project lies in the conductivity of a long copper wire which switches a transistor in its absence. In presence of the copper wire loop the system switches the transistor in way that the alarm is switched off. On the contrary, when the copper wire is cut off the transistor switch is complimented thus switching ON the alarm. Thus the user gets notified of an intrusion.

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