Top 5 Simple Electronics Projects Using DC Motors & DC Fan

Here are the top 5 simple yet very fun simple electronics projects that you can make at home using DC motors and DC fan. Get component list with price and buying links and making instructions step by step provided by nevonprojects.

Project 5:Rotating Product Marketing Platform

A rotating product showcase stand which rotates 360 degree which can be used for product exhibition, jewellery display, advertising. It can allow the photographer to take a 360-degree view of the product.

Components List:

Project 4: Mini E-bike Using DC Motor

This Mini E-bike is a toy for entertainment purpose comprising of household items and stationaries and DC motor.

Components Required

Project 3:Hand Cranked Dc Motor Torch

This DC motor torch is capable of providing emergency light by converting mechanical energy into electrical in power outages without a battery.

Components Required

Project 2:Automatic Fan with Entry Detection

This circuit is used to turn on the DC fan automatically only when a person enters the room thus providing power saving by switching on fan only when required.

Components Required

Project 1:3D Rotating Laser Disco Lamp

A dual axis rotating laser DIY disco lamp comprising of laser lights and 2 movable platforms which creates a 3D light show similar to disco.

Components Required

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