Multi Microcontroller Networking System

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Our system aims at connecting and coordinating multiple microcontrollers in order to achieve the desired output. Modern generation automobiles widely use this technology today.
Increasing number of microcontrollers are used these days for various industrial and domestic applications. Today’s cars have a good variety and number of microcontrollers working in it.
With an increase in the number of microcontrollers it becomes important to maintain proper coordination among them. The issue with such systems is that if one MC fails it is likely to affect the working of other connected MC’s.
Our project is used to demonstrate this by making use of an RS232 based command monitoring tool. The system uses a combination of three microcontrollers for this purpose. One is used to operate the load, second one is used to display output on LCD display and the third one is used to take user input through a keypad.
The input keypad is used to input a password. The password is taken through first microcontroller, second microprocessor processes the password, if right then third one switches on the lamp else if password is wrong a buzzer is activated. Well this operation can be performed by a single microcontroller too, but our system demonstrates how multiple microcontrollers can synchronize for doing a task collectively, since in real time environments its not possible for a single microprocessor to perform all these tasks alone.
Consider a situation which requires 15 connections for a display unit from microcontroller, and 7 connections from keypad. So instead of using single microprocessor and multicore cables for kilometres we use a single cable and more microcontrollers to simplify the working and reduce costs.

Multi Microcontroller Networking Project

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