Multi Microcontroller Based Security System

Various large scale industrial automations require multiple microcontrollers to be used in synchronization in order to achieve complicated automation tasks. We here demonstrate this synchronization using a multi microcontroller based security system. Here we use multiple microcontrollers having synchronized communication between them to handle various functions. We use three microcontrollers to perform three specific tasks. The first microcontroller is interfaced with a keypad in order to read the password entered by user. It processes the entered password to check its validity and passes on the output to second microcontroller. The second microcontroller is interfaced with a motor gate and buzzer to sound buzzer on invalid attempt and open gate on valid password output. This data is then coordinated to the third microcontroller which is interfaced to an LCD screen. The third microcontroller now conveys the message weather password is right or wrong on the LCD screen. Thus we use multiple microcontrollers in coordination to achieve an efficient security system. Multi Microcontroller Based Security Project

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