Automatic PC Surveillance System Camera

This project is intended for utilizing surveillance camera on a panning platform. In this the camera that is mounted on a DC motor, is made to move in clockwise and anticlockwise directions in periodic intervals. Nowadays surveillance cameras are used everywhere such as shops, roads, offices, hospitals, public places for security purpose. The problem with surveillance cameras is that these are stationary devices and thus it becomes difficult to capture 360 degree coverage.

This system is interfaced with a PC and the input is sent from keyboard to the system using hyper terminal.  The main purpose of this circuit is that when PC sends command to microcontroller that is of 8051 family, via level shifter IC, microcontroller examines the signal and initiates the motor driver to drive it at expected speed. The program on microcontroller is executed such that the input signal from PC yields output to drive the motor through motor driver IC.

Moreover, this project can be improved by interfacing the system to a tilt arrangement so that camera can move up and down besides 270 degree pan movement. Furthermore, this system can be wirelessly controlled through RF technology to adjust the camera movements manually and also one can stop the panning movement if required via RF remote.


NOTE: The project works only on operating systems having hyper terminal (E.g. Windows XP). The computer must have a RS232 serial port.



1. Keil compiler

2. Eagle 5.0


1. Microcontroller AT89S52.

2. Motor Driver

3. DC Motors

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