Gas Agency System

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This is an online gas booking system for customers that allows them to order gas cylinders whenever required. Users can now directly order gas cylinder and can also make payment instead of using conventional approach of ordering through phone. The conventional system takes long time for processing request and users have no other option but to wait. This project eliminates all these drawbacks. There will be customer login and admin login. Admin has the control of all the users account and their details. There will be 9 cylinders initially allotted to all customer accounts along with their cost that are valid only for one year. And if customers have utilized all the allotted cylinders within a year and would require more, then he has to fill a form online asking for an extra one that will go to admin’s account. Admin has the control of either approving or disapproving the request according to the rules and regulations. There is also a feature of putting up notifications by the admin which will be visible to all the customers.

This online system is developed on .net platform and supported by a Sql database to store user specific details.

  • User and Admin Account: It has two login accounts, member login and admin login. Admin can check and verify various member and their details. He can approve or disapprove extra cylinder booking requests.
  • User registration: Users must first register for on the system.
  • User payment option: User has to maintain a minimum balance in his account by paying online via credit card. The money gets deducted accordingly for every transaction from this balance.
  • Cylinder Booking: User can request next cylinder as soon as one replenishes.
  • Email notification: Users will receive an email stating their account balance information and an acknowledgement email for every transaction occurred.

  • User is not restricted to just booking through phone.
  • User can order anytime during a day online.
  • It often happens in phone system that the line gets busy and user have to wait and keep trying for booking.
  • There is no need for users and agency to maintain gas records manually. They can view the details through their account.
  • It is convenient for users to use the website and book the cylinders according to their needs.
  • Payment can also be done online thereby providing a more flexible approach.
  • The system can be customized according to different rules and regulations by admin as required.
  • He may also inform customers about the changes in rules by putting up notifications in the system.
  • Hence the system saves time, efforts and cost.
  • There is no human interaction.
  • User cannot book more than specified cylinders. He has to request for an extra one by filling up form that can only be granted with admin’s approval.
  • There can be fraud and security problems.

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