3d Space Wireless Power Transferring Project

The project is designed to transfer power in 3D space. A circuit is designed to convert AC 230V 50Hz to AC 20 KHz at 12V. BR1 is used to rectify AC 50 Hz to DC which is then again converted to AC by an inverter with the help of transistors that switches near 40 KHz. This AC is applied on high frequency transformer. The output thus obtained from transformer is provided to a resonating coil which acts as a primary coil of another air core transformer whose secondary coil is fed to second rectifier and this how it drives a DC load. The secondary coil which is kept in resonance with the primary coil produces a voltage of about 12 V at 40 KHz. This output of secondary coil is given to a 10 Watt lamp which glows at certain distance from primary coil.
Usually one cannot transfer a 50 Hz AC power by an air core transformer. Thus an air core transformer can be operated at 40 KHz by using this concept of wireless power transfer in 3D space.
3d space wireless power transfer

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