Motion Based Time Lapse Camera With Optimized Storage

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Time lapse footages are made up of images of the same scene captured over a brief period of time. These footage’s usually consists of cities, landscapes, sky views, constructions, city traffic, sea shores, ocean photography etc. These sceneries usually change over a brief period of time, so capturing images at timer short intervals without any considerable scenery change leads to wastage of storage space. So here we propose a smartly designed system that uses raspberry pi in order to detect motion and capture images only when a significant motion or scenery change is detected compared to the last image captured. This allows for optimized storage space and getting desired footage in low storage space. The system uses a pen drive to store the captured images which can be used to create the time lapse in a video maker or slideshow in user PC.

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Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Python 3 compiler
  • Programming Language: Python
Block Diagram