Rf Based Secure Garage Door Opener

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rf garage door opener project
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Security is the main conern of a person who owns a vehicle. Which is why people have Garage for housing their vehicles which
safeguards it from outside climatic conditions and any possible theft. RF Based Secure Garage Door Opener aims at providing
this security with many other advantages. With a normal lock authorized perons should possess the key to enter into the Garage.
While this RF based system is configured for the authorized users. So whenever an authoorized user comes in the proximity of the
Garage, the Garage door automatically opens and the closes as soon as the authorized user is not in the proximity of the RF base unit.
Thus this not only provides security but also automizes the process of opening and closing the door of the Garage. This project has
been pre-configured with certain authorized and unauthorized key combinations of the RF for demonstration purpose.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits

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