Postage Stamp Value Calculator

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The system aims at developing post office stamp value calculator project. The postal letters are applied a tariff rate based on their respective weights at the post office.
In post offices, the normal weighing machines used in general stores cannot be deployed since their measuring range starts from kg’s and above. In post offices the weights of letters are considered in grams so that appropriate postal tariff may be imposed on it.
Therefore there is a need for a weighing device with high precision to measure the exact weight and display accordingly. The system can be implemented through an electronic weighing device to perform this task with ease.
The system not only displays the weight but also the stamp value to be imposed on the letter. The system consists of an 8051 family microcontroller along with a spring loaded weight sensor. The device measures exact weight and displays it along with the postal charge to be applied to it.
The project can be further enhanced by attaching a printer that will print the stamp value for franking machine.

Postage Stamp Value Calculator Project

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